About Us

Armed For Life is an organisation driven by the core purpose to equip communities for a healthy and resilient life. 

This purpose is achieved by the delivery of 32 presentations and selected programs, all expertly developed and targeted to varying groups for maximum impact, including school students from years 4 to 12, school staff, parents and adults. 

Since 2012 over 950,000 people have participated in Armed For Life presentations and programs. 

Please view more information on Armed For Life presentations here and Armed For Life programs here. 

Armed For Life places a particular focus on developing and increasing resilience; the ability to ‘bounce back’ regardless of the problems and adversity faced in life. The development of certain skills are very important to assist in developing resilience. Armed For Life presentations and programs significantly focus on why resilience is important and the development of these all-important like skills. 

From the development of resilience, mental health, and wellbeing are positively impacted, leading to improved engagement and enjoyment of life. 

Armed For Life has developed a number of presentations and programs which all build from the core focus of equipping people to lead mentally healthy and resilient lives. 

Presentation topics include Resilience, Self Esteem, Managing Emotions, Healthy Friendships, Real Men, Transition to Secondary School, Bullying, Respect, Problems with Porn, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Consent. We invite you to discover our 32 presentations and filter by relevant categories.

Customers reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed your Cyber Safety presentation for our senior primary students. Your delivery was so engaging, and your calm presence, kept students’ attention, even having them wanting to share their experiences. You are very relatable for the pre-teens. Thank you for a memorable presentation and hope you will visit us again.

Year 6 Teacher
Willandra Primary School

Armed For Life’s proven and successful suite of programs is designed to build engagement, as well as build better resilience and mental health for all involved. Please view more information on our programs here. 

At Armed ForLife, we are passionate about impacting the lives of individuals; facilitating important conversations, developing resilience, improving mental health and wellbeing, leading to greater personal engagement and purpose. 

Please discover further information on our purpose – why we do what we do, offerings, and impacts throughout our website. For more information, please contact a friendly member of the Armed For Life team.