Program Booking Form

Great – you’re looking at booking a Program with Armed For Life. Please read through the responsibilities of both Armed For Life and the School and submit an enquiry by filling out the below Program Booking Form.

Responsibilities of the Armed For Life Team

  • Deliver the Program appropriately and safely. 
  • Communicate with the school contact about any behavioural issues within the Program.
  • Provide pre and post-questionnaires/ surveys to the school for the students to complete.


Responsibilities of the School

  • Liaise with the Armed For Life Program Manager and involve Armed For Life team members (based on the Program).
  • Allow Armed For Life to choose the day and time the Program will run (with input from the school). 
  • Fulfil your role in running the Program in the school by:
    • Feeding back information to the Armed For Life team;
    • Following through with the discipline of participants; and
    • Ensuring appropriate staff are in the Program at all times.
  • Pay the school program fee before the Program starts.
  • Ensure that the questionnaires/surveys are completed by the students and returned to the Armed For Life Program Manager.


If you have any queries, please get in contact with Armed For Life by filling out the contact form. 

Program Booking Form