Armed For Life works hard to provide a high level of service through everything we do.  If you have an issue that we should be aware of and would like to make a complaint, we would like to hear about it and work with you to resolve the complaint. 

What happens when you make a complaint?

Through our Complaint Handling Policy and Procedure, we will:

  • act immediately where there appears to be a serious allegation
  • acknowledge your complaint within one day after we receive it in business hours
  • make contact with you within two days after we receive your complaint to give you information on what to expect as we resolve your complaint
  • resolve your complaint within 21 days after we receive it (keeping in mind that complex complaints, such as complaints with multiple issues, may take longer to address)


Sometimes we may need to contact you to provide more information to help us understand the nature of your complaint to help with the investigation.

Complaint handling policy and procedure

You can review our policy and procedure here: Complaint Handling Policy and Procedure

Armed For Life is committed to ensuring positive outcomes and we value your feedback.