Parents Testimonials

Below are some testimonies of parents that have either seen an Armed For Life parent session or engaged with Adam to work with their child one on one.

Your favourite year 6 students are still talking about your visit Adam!! We had some student leaders come to our P&C meeting last night and some of the words they used to describe your talk were ‘relevant’, ‘humorous’ and they all definitely like how you shared your life experiences. Oh, and they told us about waffles and spaghetti, which all the parents loved! We will see you again next year at Dalyellup PS.
Adam has worked miracles with my teenage daughter. We have been to psychologists and counselling and nothing really helped with her anxiety. She was able to open up to him and felt very comfortable. I would recommend Adam to anyone that needs help. Thank you so much.
My son is really excited about the next camp – and so am I, he seems to be happier in himself since the last camp, and a lot of the negative self-talk seems to have gone. You are doing an amazing thing for these kids, wish there were more services available like yours that try to “catch them early” instead of picking up the pieces later.