Teachers Testimonials

Adam’s presentation on the topic of Resilience made a real impact on our students. It helped them to understand what Resilience is and gave them some great ways to deal with their emotions. They especially liked his personal story about how he made changes in his behaviour to deal more positively with his situation. The feedback from staff was also very positive and the presentation aided some great work in their classrooms.
Carolyn Campbell
Chaplain, Wanneroo Primary School
I was rostered on to sit through an Anti-bullying workshop with the Year 7s. Ho hum, been there, done that. What else is there to say? But how do we teach kids to be nicer to each other? The $20000 question. I must say I was in for quite the treat. Adam instantly connected with the students, with his humour and relaxed attitude. From the beginning the students were engaged and this was sustained throughout the hour and a half presentation. Not only was the discussion “real”, littered with true anecdotal stories, but Adam also offered up his personal experiences, thus showing the students that we all can endure bullying. The real beauty of the presentation came from the solutions that Adam offered up. “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will never hurt you” – as a survivor of bullying I know that the old adage rings a true falsehood. Names do hurt us and what Adam provided was very real and achievable ways of dealing with bullying and the pain that it causes. I remain impressed. It was a truly worthwhile experience. Thank you Adam.
Kate McCaffrey
English Teacher, Sacred Heart College and Author of “Destroying Avalon
I just wanted to say thank you (to Mark as well) for the sessions yesterday. They were just what our kids needed at this time of the year – enough light-heartedness to help them relax but with a strong message to follow. I know it has made a good impact on all of them.
Bronwyn Twining
John Wollaston Anglican School