Liv Robinson

Liv Robinson

Art has always made my world a happier place and nothing makes me smile more than passing that joy on to others.

It took me many years to realise that I view the world through the eyes of an artist & once I had this realisation. I made it my mission to show as many people as possible the beauty that art can add to a space or the transformative effects creating can give to people. 

It’s no secret that the first few decades of my life were a huge struggle. I fought to fit in and battled with mental health illness which left me fighting for my life on a number of occasions. 

I pride myself on working with many mental health organisations. WAAMH, Blue tree, Happiness co, Armed for life), Swan rowing club, youth mental health mural. I have also started placements at Applecross senior school, Aquinas and Connected by. I created Art works by liv to deliver life skills and growth workshops for teens 

I believe that art has the power to heal. Whether through the process of creating or the act of studying an artwork. 

My training has been official in the form of degrees, diplomas and yearly courses. my biggest continual training is life itself & in helping others I continue to grow and overcome challenges creatively  

my work as an artist takes different forms, teaching, creating, documenting

(my podcast, Think like a penguin) 

My work explores Emotion, self-awareness and life skills. I facilitate many art therapy sessions. My aim is to connect people to themselves and empower clients with a deeper wisdom. I always aim to create with a purpose. My paintings or murals aim to add value to the viewer and or initiate a conversation around wellness.

What can you expect at my studio? lots of blue, nature, vibrancy, abstract and colourful paintings.  You may even leave with a little life advise and or a newfound creative desire, to get your hands messy. I will always have options for people to paint/ draw at my home.

As well as my passion for art and creativity, I have a love of all things sport and activity. I regularly swim in the ocean, skateboard and go for runs. My social life and community is centered around playing tennis, cricket and lacrosse.