Simone Stuart

Simone Stuart

Throughout my 20years of working with young people as a singing teacher & in a variety of music & church groups, I have observed the fascinating way music enhances organic human connection. It provides a calming, cathartic, confidence building freedom of expression! This is especially evident in early childhood, as children begin to use more advanced language & refine their motor skills.

I currently run Jitterbug Music Perth, (toddler music sessions) where we form a circle & play lots of noisy instruments together whilst singing & learning the basics of music.

I’m also a vocal coach by day & the lead singer of a band by night. I live & breath music & am passionate about the benefits of music education, particularly in early childhood.

My goal as an educator is to simply be a guide. As a vocal coach I prefer to teach trust in oneself first. The various techniques to become a successful vocalist follow quite easily once a young person feels safe & confident.

During group sessions my focus is more on participation & mutual enjoyment, rather than being entertained or expected to perform. This builds self respect & respect for others – trust in self & trust in others. Young people working in harmony to create something beautiful together – that’s music!

It’s my privilege to be a part of the Armed For Life team & I look forward to providing fun & engaging musical programs with them this year.