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Self Esteem and how we feel about ourselves is one of the central issues that we face. It determines so many of the other issues in our lives from relationships we choose to get into, how we handle problems and the choices we make. When we struggle with issues like depression and anxiety this is linked with self-esteem as there is often an issue with our hormones and how we feel. A low or unhealthy self-esteem does not fix itself, we have to consciously work on it but we can change it.

The Self Esteem online content has been designed to follow the self-esteem session run by Armed For Life in your school.


How it works

Access is granted upon purchase, to the chosen topic for 30 days.

Upon log-in, the user will have access to the following:

  • The session video, which enables review for up to 30 days
  • The follow up lesson plans, which have been designed to be used in a number of class periods to reinforce the messages of the chosen session
  • The interviews and stories are optional extras. These are videos of people and their stories, which that directly or indirectly display the points associated with the session

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