Awareness and Acceptance Program

In collaboration with Brad Ness OAM, Armed For Life has designed this project to help students understand the importance of treating people that are different with respect, acceptance, and kindness.

This program takes place as a two-hour workshop, utilising Brad’s incredible story about losing his leg, his journey of acceptance, and how he eventually became a Gold Medal winning Captain of the Men’s Paralympic Basketball Team. In the second hour, the students are able to use wheelchairs to play wheelchair basketball, providing the experience of being in a wheelchair, whilst engaging in a fun activity.

This program aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Understanding and awareness of disability and difference.
  • Recognising the power that difference brings and accepting others’ differences
  • Understanding of the importance of equality for everyone to have the same opportunities to achieve their best.
  • Sharing the tools to develop respect for all people

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