Leadership Program

Taylor Cowper is an accomplished media professional and a recognised leader in the field of broadcasting and media sales. With a passion for inspiring and empowering others, Taylor has dedicated his career to using the power of media to make a positive impact on communities. As a seasoned broadcaster in both radio and television, Taylor possesses a unique blend of communication skills, leadership acumen, and a genuine commitment to fostering the growth of future leaders.

In 2022, Taylor’s outstanding leadership abilities were acknowledged when he was awarded the prestigious Leadership Award at Channel 7, a prominent broadcasting network. This accolade not only recognized Taylor’s exceptional skills in leading teams and driving successful projects.

Driven by a desire to ignite change at an early stage, Taylor has developed a groundbreaking program focused on leadership development specifically tailored for small groups in high schools and primary schools. By leveraging his vast experience in the media industry and drawing upon his own leadership journey, Taylor has designed a transformative curriculum aimed at equipping young individuals with the necessary skills and mindset to become influential leaders within their communities.

Through this program, Taylor aims to inspire, motivate, and empower high school students, helping them realise their full potential and encouraging them to take an active role in shaping their communities. By providing practical tools, real-life examples, and interactive exercises, Taylor enables young leaders to cultivate essential qualities such as effective communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making.

With Taylor’s guidance, students are encouraged to explore their unique strengths and develop a personal leadership style that aligns with their values and aspirations. Through engaging workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and hands-on activities, Taylor fosters an inclusive and supportive environment where students can learn, grow, and build meaningful connections with their peers.

The Leadership program not only serves as a catalyst for personal growth but also instills a sense of responsibility and commitment to creating positive change in school communities. By empowering young leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, the program inspires a new generation of individuals who are passionate about making a difference and leaving a lasting impact on the world.

Through their unwavering dedication to leadership development, Armed for Life continues to be a driving force in empowering youth, promoting social responsibility, and building stronger, more vibrant communities.

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