Parents Sessions

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Parents Sessions

How to Build Resilience in Your Child

Helping Our Children Manage Stress and Anxiety

Teaching Children to Make Healthy Decisions

Bullying 101 – Parenting Advice

Managing and Improving Kids Mental Health

Keep Your Child Cyber Safe

Healthy Lifestyle as a Parent


Parenting does not come with a handbook! It is difficult at the best of times to figure out how to raise our children well so that we give them the best chance possible to thrive and succeed. These Armed For Life sessions are designed by the Armed For Life director Adam Przytula, aimed at helping parents with many of the difficulties that they face based on raising his own son and putting these points into practice himself.

These topics include:


How to Build Resilience in Your Child

Resilience is such a fundamental quality that we all need to function well and to be happy. When we lack resilience we are almost guaranteed to be miserable for the rest of our lives because resilience is all about how we deal with problems – and we will always face those.

This session is focused on as a parent the ABSOLUTE importance of modelling resilience – and dealing with problems in a healthy way so our kids learn to do the same. We will also talk about the parenting style that produces the most resilient kids (Hint: It is not Helicopter parenting!!)

Helping Our Children Manage Stress

Students are experiencing stress at younger ages than ever before, and it is the kind of stress that does not die down or go away. This stress can and is literally changing our kids as they go through school. As parents our role is to teach our kids to manage these problems well – as well as model this to them. This session is a combination of how to manage our own stress so that our kids can learn from our example of how to reduce and manage the stress that they feel.

Bullying 101 – Parenting Advice

Don’t be fooled – bullying is worse now than ever before. Bullying is one of those issues that can make school a living hell for our kids. It is important as a parent to manage bullying well rather than telling our kids to just punch the student bullying them in the face, or to tell them to ignore the bullying until it goes away.

This session will give tips as a parent on how we can partner with the school to help manage the bullying that our kids may be facing Рand what we can do practically as a parent to help our kids to manage the situation in a healthy way school.


Keep Your Child Cyber Safe

It has become increasingly difficult to keep our kids safe today. Not only do we need to be wise in what they do outside the home, we need to be aware that being online poses just as much of a threat as being our of the home. We need to take steps as parents to understand the social media sites and apps that our kids are using so we know the dangers that are associated with them. This session is about the steps that we need to take as parents to ensure that our kids are safe while having access to whatever they use online.

Healthy Lifestyle for the Family

Our kids are a direct result of parents up until the age of around 7 years old. They learn so much from us and the example that we set. As parents it is vital that we set an example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. This is in relation to the food that we eat, exercising regularly, good sleeping habits, thought processes, managing stress well and more.

The Healthy Lifestyle session is about gaining all of the info needed to set up our kids to live healthy lifestyles for their rest of their lives, so that they don’t struggle with issues like weight problems, depression and anxiety, getting sick all the time and lack of sleep (just to name a few).


Here are a few other topics available for parents:

Please contact Adam for any information on these workshops at or on 0438 938 049