Teachers Sessions

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School Staff Sessions

Reducing and Managing Stress

Health and Well-Being for School Staff

Modelling Resilience in The Classroom

How to Engage with Students Effectively

Sleep – And How to Get More It

Importance of Good Mental Health

Maintaining Positive Work/ Life Balance

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Identifying and Removing Workplace Bullying

Teaching Generation Z


Teaching is now recognised as the most stressful job that we can choose as a career path. The expectations continue to increase every year, but along with the difficulty come incredible opportunities to make a powerful difference in the lives of the students that we teach. These sessions are designed to help teachers and school staff be the best that they can be in the role that they carry, as well as engage and educate the students they come in contact with, as successfully as possible:


Reducing and Managing Stress

There are many stressors in our lives that cause us to feel run down, struggle with energy and begin to exhibit health problems, and that’s before we get to work. Some jobs have a very high stress factor as well (teaching is at the top of the list). When we are stressed our bodies respond in a certain way, some of the hormones in our body skyrocket and our bodies are simply not designed to function with these hormones at a high level all day every day. How we deal with stress in our lives is VERY important and this session is all about those coping mechanisms and making sure they are healthy ones.


Health and Well-Being for School Staff

Are you tired all day? Do you have to have a sugar or coffee fix throughout the day to keep you going? Are you constantly sick? Then maybe it’s time to work on your health and well-being. No one works well if they are sick or run down or just don’t take care of themselves. The health and well-being PD is all about getting us back to a place of health so that we can be our best while we are working. The single session workshop focuses on all the things that we let slip when we are just too busy that drastically effect our health. We work through the practical changes we can make to our every day to get back to a healthy version of ourselves. There is the option for an all-day PD – that allows small groups of staff to rotate through a number of different practical sessions (Exercise, Food Choices, Sleep + Relaxation and more)


Modelling Resilience

This session is for primary or high school teachers that want to learn how to model resilience to the students they are teaching. Students emulate so much of the behaviour of their teachers, and so if we want our students to lead resilient lives educators must first demonstrate resilience that they want their students to ultimately display in the classroom. This means we need to focus on our own lives and how we deal with problems before we expect our student to do the same and that is the focus of this session – how to get better at dealing with problems and effectively model that behaviour to our students.


How to Engage with Students Effectively

The capacity to engage well with our students is possibly the most effective teaching tool that all staff have at their disposal. When students are engaged they are better behaved and far more likely to learn in class. This session goes through some of the practical ways that we can increase student engagement in the classroom and includes real examples of students that changed as a result of being engaged with their teacher. This session will also include some real life examples posed as problems for teachers to solve within group work to put into practice what we are discussing.

Sleep – and How to Get More of It

In relation to both health and stress – sleep is a key missing factor in many cases. We often do not realise just how important sleep is in maintaining many things from healthy stress levels to a healthy weight. This session will discuss the importance of sleep, the right amount of sleep we need to get based on age and 13 effective tips on how to get better sleep for everyone.

Importance of Good Mental and Emotional Health

Our mental and emotional well-being is incredibly important not just to our life in general – our effectiveness as a teacher (or staff member in the school system) is effected, as much of our day centers around wanting to feel better and trying to make that happen any way we can as opposed to giving our all to our students. Mental health is a serious concern at the moment for adults – how we feel about ourselves and what we think on a daily basis is critical to functioning better as a teacher. This session focuses on helping people identify if they have a low self-esteem and what they can practically do to change how they feel about themselves in order to change how they think.


Maintaining a Positive Work/ Life Balance

Balance Definition – An even distribution of balance to enable someone to stay upright and steady.

It is essential, working within what is a times such a difficult and stressful environment in a school setting, to stay balanced in the time we spend with work and the rest of our lives. This session highlights the importance of keeping that balance between work, family health and hobbies, as well as practical points as to how we can maintain this in our lives.


Creating a Positive Work Environment

The environment of the workplace and staff room of a school can have such a strong impact on the effectiveness of teachers, and their capacity to even do their jobs well. Sometimes we do not give environment the credit that it is due – certain plants of foods can’t grow unless they have the correct environment. It is the same for teachers and staff in a school. The ultimate goal is the have students thriving and doing well within their studies and that cannot happen unless teachers and staff within the school feel as thought they are in a positive work environment. This session will go through practical points on how to ensure the work environment is positive in your school.


Identifying and Removing Bullying for Staff

The issue with bullying for adults is that if bullies never learnt what they were doing was wrong and actually unhealthy for them as a teenager, they usually continue to do it for the rest of their lives. Enter the concept of ‘Workplace Bullying’. Just in Australia alone we lose millions of dollars to sick leave as a direct result of workplace bullying. It is worse now than it ever has been. EVERYONE deserves the right to go to work and feel safe to get their job done. In this session we will identify what workplace bullying looks like and how to create an environment in the school where people feel respected and not bullied.


Teaching Generation Z

This current generation of teenagers is known as Generation Z. They are a generation of teenagers strongly influenced by parenting styles and social media – this generation as a whole have issues to face a a result but they also have incredible strengths that can be tapped into and used within the classroom. In this session we will discuss the background of a Gen Z teenager and how to effectively teach them.



Please contact Adam for any information on these workshops at adam@armedforlife.com.au or on 0438 938 049