Brendon Smith

Brendon Smith

Board member | Partnerships and Governance

With over 25 years in corporate business development and relationship building, Brendon brings a focus around networking and Public Relations to the foundation board.

Having seen the progression and impact of stress, burnout, overwhelm, and depression in many of his corporate colleagues over the years, in 2017 he focussed his time creating a fitness and resilience program for executives, which he successfully launched in 2018 after graduating the Curtin university’s entrepreneur’s startup program “Ignition”.

Becoming primary carer for a teenager with life threatening depression, and realising that the resources simply aren’t there for parents or children, he became active in the teenage mental health space in 2020 – contributing and providing “lived experience” to several mental health commission working groups, on neurodiversity, mental health perspectives in acute care and emergency departments, and several others.

Seeking a more active hands on way to contribute, He became a financial sponsor of Armed for life in 2021, funding the provision of our “acute” programs into lower socioeconomic schools. Accepting a position to the foundation board in 2022, and playing “camp dad”, telling bad jokes at our biannual resilience camps for teenagers, Brendon brings an absolute passion for fundraising and promoting mental health awareness, by empowering everybody with the skills to accept, adapt and overcome life’s challenges.