Neil Gibb

Neil Gibb

Board member | Partnerships and Sponsorship

Neil created The HMO Property Co, a property group that focuses on providing affordable living spaces for rent and profitable investment opportunities for investors, after identifying a gap in the West Australian property market. He is committed to sustainability, passionate about relationships and connections and truly believes there is a smarter way to live and invest.

Together with his wife Jo, Neil has built The HMO Property Co substantially over the past five years – achieving 100% year-on-year growth in a saturated market.

Neil and Jo’s vision of providing 10,000 rooms in 10 years has so far resulted in over 500 West Australians finding safe, stylish and affordable accommodation while providing over 90 investors with outstanding return on investment and cashflow positive assets.

Led by Neil, HMO’s caring, and purpose-focused teams are successfully filling the gap between social housing and the private rental market in a respectful, compassionate, and innovative way.
Having been involved at a fundraising event for Armed For Life a few years ago and touched by our story and impact, Neil is passionate about driving Armed For Life’s success within his board member role. Neil also supports the organisation’s strategic growth and raises awareness of mental health in our community.

Neil is aligned with our values and plays a significant role in supporting our events as a sponsor, and you can also see him volunteering at some of our camps!