Tamara Hopper

Tamara Hopper

Leadership team | Administration and Finance Manager

Board member | Community Engagement and School

Tamara has been the lynchpin that has held everything together for the last ten years, making her one of our most valuable team members.

Tamara is passionate about seeing young people equipped with the tools they need to navigate life’s various and unpredictable challenges successfully. She sees the importance of prevention and equipping, having conversations with parents, teachers, corporates and young people alike to enable them to function with positive mental health to avoid harmful mindsets and behaviours.

Tamara sees the importance of good stewardship of finances to ensure it is channelled in the right direction for maximum impact.

She is a trained secondary school Health and Physical Education teacher, delivering a number of our presentations at schools, and plays a vital role as a speaker and leader at her local church.

With a passion for bringing order where there is chaos, Tamara always leads with a joyful sense of humour and a smile and is an encouragement to those around her.