Winter Camp 2024

Mental Health Camp for kids Perth

Resilience and Mental Health Camps - July 2024

Two camps! One junior and one senior. 


Dedicated engagement, activities and programs relevant to the challenges of Junior and Senior participants.


A camp dedicated to arming participants with essential skills for cultivating resilience, with a focus on mental health and overall wellbeing talks. 

Our camp program delves into topics including resilience, self-esteem, and stress management, offering practical tools and knowledge to help youth navigate life’s challenges with confidence. Beyond the transformative discussions, our camps promises an array of exciting activities that guarantee an unforgettable and holistic experience. 

Let your teens discover a supportive camp environment where they can engage in meaningful conversations and embark on a journey towards developing resilience and enhancing mental wellbeing. Don’t let them miss the opportunity to create lasting memories while equipping them with valuable skills for a resilient and thriving future.  

Aged 10-13 years. Register your place. 

Aged 14-17 years. Register your place. 

Mental Health Camp for kids