Healthy Men: And Being a Role Model

Identifying and Removing Workplace Bullying

The issue with bullying for adults is that if bullies never learned what they were doing was wrong and actually unhealthy for them as a teenager, they usually continue to do it for the rest of their lives. Enter the concept of ‘Workplace Bullying’. Just in Australia alone, we lose millions of dollars to sick […]

Creating a Positive Work Environment

The environment of the workplace and staff room of a school can have such a strong impact on the effectiveness of teachers, and their capacity to even do their jobs well. Sometimes we do not give the environment the credit that it is due – certain plants or foods can’t grow unless they have the […]

Maintaining Positive Work/ Life Balance

Balance Definition – An even distribution of balance to enable someone to stay upright and steady. It is essential, working within what is a time such difficult and stressful environment in a school setting, to stay balanced in the time we spend with work and the rest of our lives. This session highlights the importance […]

Developing Resilience

Possessing resilience – the ability to bounce back from problems – is something lacking in our society in general so we often give up too easily or fall apart at the first sign of a problem. We need to possess the ability to solve our problems as adults in the world today. When we don’t know how […]

Reducing and Managing Stress

There are many stressors in our lives that cause us to feel run down, struggle with energy, and begin to exhibit health problems, and that’s before we get to work. Some jobs have a very high-stress factor as well (teaching is at the top of the list). When we are stressed our bodies respond in […]

Improving Wellness: 5 Health Gauges

We discuss the 5 facets of health – Physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and mental – as fuel gauges. When one of the gauges is low it affects some or all of the other gauges (for example we get sick and we feel low or depressed and don’t want to be around people). I explain what causes […]