One thing is guaranteed in life – we will face problems. Resilience is the ability to bounce back regardless of the problems that we face. Many students lack this ability and view the world as coming to an end every time there is a problem. There are certain skills that are very important in relation […]

Self Esteem

What do you see when you look in the mirror? For many teenagers what they see in the mirror does not line up with reality. Many students have damaged self-esteem, and are not able to face challenges in life because of this. Having positive self-esteem can change everything, from how we interact with people to […]


Much like cigarettes in the past there is an epidemic of vaping in the young generation currently all the way down to primary school age. We need to educate students on the dangers associated in a very real and authentic way so they can associate with the risks. In this presentation we dispel some of […]

Healthy Friendships

A friend is someone that we know, trust, like, and care about. Having healthy friendships in our lives has an incredibly positive impact, we feel happier and more supported. These friendships do need to be healthy to experience those benefits and so this session focuses on how to develop and maintain healthy friendships, the qualities […]

Self-Awareness and Managing Emotions

The capacity to be self-aware is one of the most important elements in relation to change. There is a reason behind EVERYTHING that we do, and only when we have the capacity to be self aware and take notice of why we feel the way that we do can we recognise why we may be […]


Bullying is a serious problem in our schools. Statistics now say that 1 in 3 students are bullied on a daily basis, that is a number that we cannot ignore. Bullying has a very strong impact on a students’ self-esteem, how involved they are in school work and even their success later in life. We […]

The Respect Effect

Respect is something that is valued by everyone, so why is it that we so often struggle to give respect to others? No one likes being disrespected, including teenagers. This session discusses the importance of respect and showing it in circumstances and situations where we often don’t FEEL like showing respect. We also talk about […]

Decision Making

Teenagers have hundreds of choices to make every day, and unfortunately, they can get caught up in making decisions based on what their friends want rather than what’s best for them. This session focuses on 3 elements of decision-making: Who, Why, and How. We highlight the importance of making your own decisions and taking responsibility […]

Screen Addiction

It should not be news to anyone that teenagers spend too much time in front of screens. Whether this is having an impact on their health and well-being really comes down to how much time they are spending. The real issue is if students are becoming addicted to being in front of a flat-screen watching […]