Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Leadership Program

This groundbreaking program focuses on leadership development specifically tailored for small groups in high schools and primary schools. This program aims to inspire, motivate, and empower students, helping them realise their full potential and encouraging them to take an active role in shaping their communities.

SEL Program

The SEL Classrooms Program has been co-developed by Armed For Life and Dr Elena Limnios; an award winning ex-associate professor from UWA. It is an in-class program designed to run once a fortnight for two hours, or once a week for one semester – and is led by a teacher (or staff member in special cases) chosen by the school.

Wellbeing Day

The Wellbeing Day is typically a one day program, however can be split over multiple days. This program is designed to be holistically based to educate and equip students or staff on how to live as healthy as possible – specifically to increase all aspects of health and wellbeing including physical and mental health.

Transition Program

The Transition Program is designed to help students in years 6 and 7 with the transition into high school.

The program can be run in a flexible manner to suit the school, from one intensive day, to over an eight week period.

Engagement Program

The Engagement Program has been expertly designed to improve student attendance and participation in classroom activities and schoolwork. The program was developed in response to a growing number of students presenting with a disorder known as ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), providing an alternative solution for schools to traditional disciplinary measures.

Barber Shop

The newly developed and implemented Barber Shop Program runs as an extension of the Engagement Program. The program’s purpose and aim is to re-engage the most disengaged students and ensure they have something in their life that they are motivated to remain part of.

Resilience Program

The Resilience Program is flexible in nature and designed to develop the participants’ capacity to deal with problems – their resilience.

The length and structure of the program can be adapted to the schools’ requirements. Possible formats include a one-day program, a term-long program or an in depth, year-long program.

Awareness and Acceptance Program

In collaboration with Brad Ness OAM, Armed For Life have designed this project to help students understand the importance of treating people that are different with respect, acceptance and kindness.

Overhaul Program

The Overhaul Program involves a small group of participants (between 10 and 20) and spends eight weeks changing all of the important areas of their lives, connected to their health and wellbeing.